P.H. Anti-Grease Shampoo
P.H. Anti-Grease Shampoo (Green Line)

P.H. Anti-Grease Shampoo (Green Line)

Shampoo indicated for cleansing greasy and seborrhoeic hair, which strengthens the hair bulb so
that hair grows stronger, thus preventing hair loss.
Grease obstructs the follicle, reducing the supply of nutrients and oxygen necessary for hair growth
and progressively weakening the hair follicles and hair.
To prevent all this, this shampoo is formulated with thymol and thioxolone, a powerful
seboregulating agent that regulates the activity of the sebaceous glands, as well as trace elements
and plant extracts (nettle, brewer's yeast, carob) that strengthen the hair follicle and help to reduce
the excess sebum on the scalp that weakens the hair.
In addition, it has been formulated with a mixture of non-aggressive surfactants to avoid a rebound
effect of sebaceous secretion, which cleanse the scalp in a gentle way, without attacking or drying
it, by means of an abundant and creamy foam.

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